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A landscape that instills serenity like those protected by SILOC ONE

SILOC ONE +  guarantee


Guarantee and security system


Dedicated to customers positively evaluated by SILOC

Thanks to our tested algorithm and the information collected throughout Italy, we are able to evaluate each rental request and support the landlord's peace of mind by providing a guarantee of success.


Better than a bail

The law provides that deposits cannot be directly withheld in the event of rent arrears and therefore can cause quite a bit of hassle given that on average they would not even cover the damage caused by missed payments and any legal costs. 
This is why SILOC ONE + is a winning choice!


A guarantee for everyone

SILOC ONE + favors rentals from all aspects:

- Owner guaranteed

- Tenant supported by SILOC as well as lower outlay of money

- Real estate agent aware of having given the maximum possible guarantees on the market

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