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Who we are

The information and data sharing company

Who we are

The company

IF SRL was born in Turin in 2019 and specializes in the collection and processing of data and payment information from the world of real estate rentals. Furthermore, since 2023 it has been developing tech systems to support the real estate rental market with partner and group companies.


IF's mission is to give balance and sustainability to the real estate rental market.  The attention is aimed at all players in the rental market such as: owners, tenants and real estate agencies.
We support each party in responsible and informed choices.



Every day is oriented towards innovation to bring cutting-edge tools to each customer or partner.

We look forward.

Our specialty is staying one step ahead to anticipate market needs.

Alongside customers.

We are committed, through our close network of officials, to supporting, supporting and helping our clients grow.

We give our best.

Only the highest quality of service for each of our customers.

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