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What is SILOC

SILOC consists of a database that collects information on leases that private property owners or companies have granted or that have been requested by individuals or companies.

This system allows property owners supported by participating real estate agencies or banks and insurance companies to verify the reliability of the applicant: by accessing the information contained in SILOC the aforementioned can find out if the person or company who requested the rental will have the economic capacity to support the recurring payments, if you already have leases in place, if you have paid a lease regularly in the past, or if on the contrary you have done so irregularly. 

What is SILOC for?

To understand this, let's start with a simple question: do you think it is logical to give your home or that of one of your clients to a stranger without having any information or "useless" information?

Or more simply, would you give your home or that of one of your clients to a person you don't know, without being sure that he or she is a "polite" payer?

Credit institutions think in the same way when they have to lend money and, before the birth of Credit Information Systems, the only forms of protection they typically resorted to, when granting a loan, were the mortgage on the house, the pledge on a good etc.

Today, however, thanks to the role played by Credit Information Systems, banks and financial companies can provide credit based on the good credit history of those requesting it,


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What are the advantages

SILOC di IF collects information from landlords and real estate agents on the leases requested and obtained by private individuals and businesses, to provide those requesting a new lease with an important "reference" towards other real estate agencies and landlords to whom they turn. The SILOC "reference" allows those requesting a rental to obtain feedback quickly and, potentially, conditions suited to their economic profile and accrued reliability. 

It is important to underline that the decision to grant or not the lease is not up to the IF but is taken independently by the owners/landlords using all the information provided by SILOC which also includes an objective and mathematical evaluation, also weighing elements additional to the payment information , such as the individual's income, income stability, and others. 

Each of us has an interest in not finding ourselves spending beyond our means and the information collected on the IF SILOC is a valid support because it gives us awareness of what is  your payment behavior. 

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