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una carta di pagamento tra le dita del suo proprietario. Simboleggia la facilità e la comodità di SDP il nostro innovativo sistema di pagamento.

SILOC Digital Payments

Automatic rental payment system

Eliminate delays

Thanks to the automatic SDD debit on the SEPA circuit you won't have to worry about anything, our system will do the necessary and take care of the payments for you.

We are present

For any questions or uncertainties the SDP team will always be at your disposal to provide you with maximum support and guarantee you an exceptional payment or collection experience.

Always and everywhere

No matter where you are or what your bank is, SDP will take care of the withdrawal of your rent and deposit it into the owner's account without you having to do anything!

Advanced Tech

As with financing, mortgages or anything else, finally the rent also becomes automatic through our system at the cost of a normal bank transfer!

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