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Domande Frequenti

Qui troverai le risposte alle domande che più frequentemente vengono rivolte a IF riguardo al funzionamento di SILOC o servizi connessi.

  • Is it necessary to also attach the privacy of the guarantors when requesting the report?
    Yes, in this way they authorize us to also keep their data. Otherwise it will not be possible to process the procedure.
  • Is SILOC ONE an insurance?
    No, it is not insurance, but a private financial guarantee.
  • What does SILOC ONE cover?
    SILOC ONE covers both damage to the property and unpaid debts for a period of up to 12 months as well as debt collection and unlimited legal assistance until eviction.
  • How much does it cost for the owner?
    Every service we offer is completely free for the owner.
  • How much does it cost for the tenant?
    SILOC is completely free, while the SILOC ONE + guarantee is offered as a complete or partial replacement of the deposit to the owner.
  • Why do I have to upload the rental proposal in order to request a report?
    It is necessary and mandatory to upload the rental proposal in order to prove the reason for your request. As you are intermediaries, you must justify the reason why you are requesting a report regarding the financial situation of a third party. If the person was not really your customer, you would not be able to request any type of information and report about it. Furthermore, the data present in the proposal regarding the type of contract and the forms of guarantee are necessary for the successful processing of the procedure.
  • Does SILOC have a cost for the member?
    Yes SILOC has an annual membership cost and it is possible to receive a free visit from the area official who will illustrate the possible agreements available.
  • I request a report, once I have the outcome, do I have to upload the contract?
    No, it is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended. Without the contract uploaded in SILOC it is not possible to activate the delay or unpaid reporting services.
  • What do you need to upload a contract?
    To upload the contract you must have the rental contract, the identity documents and the privacy documents of the owner and tenant.
  • Can I request multiple checks for different tenants on the same property?
    Absolutely yes! And' simply collect more proposals and request reports!
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